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6 Backsplash Ideas for Stunning 2021 Kitchen Remodels

Is this the year you invest in an effortlessly-modern, strikingly-chic new kitchen?

What’s the Average Cost of a Kitchen Renovation in 2021?

The kitchen is a crucial room in your home and a great return on investment. Of course, this means that it’s both important to get your kitchen remodelling right and that the process isn’t going to be cheap.

What to Look For on Your Final Walkthrough

It’s just about the most exciting day of your renovation: the final-walkthrough!

Unleash Your Dream Home Book

Unleash Your Dream Home is an homage to nesting, the most basic of human needs. Rather than leapfrogging from one home to the next, homeowners are increasingly staying put and revitalizing what they already know and love.

Average GTA Home to Sell For $1 Million by End of 2021

With a booming winter season, particularly in the home reselling market, the report for the beginning of 2021 shows home prices up 15.5% since early 2020.

Pack, Move and Stage Your Home with Georgian’s VIP Move Service

The packing and moving process involved in your GTA home remodelling can be overwhelming, but Georgian’s Luxury Move Management changes everything through sheer attention to detail.

Design Guide

For more than 50 years, Georgian has been the face of high-end residential design and construction.


Georgian prides itself on our guaranteed timeline, which is put in place before construction even begins. During the final design presentation, you and your designer will review the entire scope of work, line by line, along with a finishing schedule.

How Refinancing Affects Your Credit Score

Prior to exploring the option to refinance an existing loan, it is important to know that it can affect your credit by temporarily lowering you credit score. There are a few ways in which this might happen.

Paints and Stains: The Colours of the Year for 2021

Whether you’re looking to make the modern impression that helps you sell your home fast or you’d simply like to refresh your interior design, it’s wise to know which colours embody the current moment. A remodel and a paint job are great ways to start things off fresh!

Detached Homes Prices Up 25% In Mississauga

Good news for those looking to sell a detached home in Mississauga: as of the beginning of 2021, prices were up a full 25% since January 2020! They have only continued to rise since.

What is Interior Design? What Can An Interior Designer Do For Me?

Interior design encompasses a lot. It’s planning, analysis, documentation, design and management of non-structural construction and alteration. Interior design works to aesthetic ends, but it also must consider building design, fire safety and energy codes, among other regulations.